Profile PhotoCreating things and doing art has been a part of my life since I was a small child. To earn money for college I worked in a craft store and sold handmade items. After college I took a job as a programmer, but art and crafts remained my passion. In the early 90’s I opened a business selling handmade miniature teddy bears that I designed. In the late 90’s I designed a line of miniature teddy bears for the Ganz Company called Cottage Collectibles.

I completed my first scrapbook album when I was 12 years old after a trip to CA. From middle school until my mid-twenties I recorded memories in scrapbooks with photos, memorabilia, and journaling. Busy with my career I started to simply toss my pictures into a box and I never looked at them. A trip to China in 2003 with some friends inspired me to put those photos in a scrapbook – I just couldn’t bear the idea of tossing them in the box with all those other pictures. After that I was hooked! Creating fun scrapbook layouts, doing mixed media, mini albums, interactive albums and 3D projects are all part of my everyday life.

Along the way I got deeply interested in photography and began photographing weddings and other events. I love capturing a family’s memories with my cameras. I also do a bit of wildlife photography. I joke if it breathes I photograph it.

In 2013 I left my position as a systems architect to devote myself to paper crafting and photography, and have never looked back. As a consultant, I traveled the country teaching paper crafting classes to shop owners and their teachers. I love to design my own projects and share how to make them with others.

I am so grateful to be able to have a job where I can share my creativity and love of all things paper. Working in a field that encourages women to capture their memories fills my heart with joy. My favorite moments are reading the comments my students and readers share with me. Thank you all for your encouragement and kind words.

I am humbled by the generous people who support me and this website by using the click through links to purchase products. It means more to me than you can imagine. Every time you use a link you’re saying you value all the time and effort I have put into each and every post on my blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I’m so excited to share my work with you and hope my scrapbook layouts and other projects inspire you to create something beautiful with paper.

Happy Scrapping!