My favorite photography resources and tools

Photography goes hand-in-hand with scrapbooking.  Here are some photography resources and tools that I use.  All the photos are linked so you can quickly locate the item.  Just click on the photo.

Borrow Lenses

Here is a way to try out the latest camera equipment before you buy it. Or maybe you need a specialty lens for that once in a lifetime trip or a wedding you’re photographing. There are so many advantages to renting equipment and Borrow Lenses is a great place to rent from.  With so many cameras, lenses and other gear on the market it’s often confusing to decide what you need. Borrow Lenses has a simple solution to help you.  Select what you’ll be photographing, for example a wedding or travel, and Borrow Lenses will present you with various packages of equipment that professional photographers recommend.  They make trying out new camera gear simple.


CreativeLive offers a variety of free scrapbook and photography related classes.  Classes are free to watch during the broadcast.  For a reasonable price, you can purchase a class and view it anytime you like, as much as you like.

Suggest you sign up for an account at CreativeLive that way you’ll get a notice when they add new classes to their schedule.  You can create a CreativeLive account by clicking here. I have found CreativeLive to be a great resource for learning. Hope you will too!

My Favorite Travel Camera

I’ve had my Sony Mirrorless camera since 2012 and just love it!  The model I have has been replaced by this camera.  It’s compact, light weight and fits into my purse when I travel.  This camera has all the features of a professional camera at a fraction of the cost.  I’ve taken it camping, traveling, to crops, … it is my on the go camera.

My Favorite Travel Lens


With this 18-200mm lens I have taken 10’s of thousands of photos and I love it!  I purchased this lens in 2013 to be my all-in-one travel lens, as it is compact and light weight.  It’s also a great hiking lens.  I have used in it a variety of situations, as this is a very versatile lens.  Most of the images you see on my layouts were photographed with this lens.  Sony makes 2 versions of this lens, be sure to get this one as it takes superior photographs to the other version.

My Favorite Photo Printer

Love this printer!  It allows me to print a boarder-less print up to 13″ by 19″ and handles 4″x6″ sheets perfectly.  The print quality is superb.  The printer comes with Canon software that allows me to easily print photos of different sizes with or without a white boarder.  It has a rear feed that handles smaller sizes of photo paper (like 4″x6″) and thicker paper like cotton rag.  I have a smaller Canon printer, but no longer use it to print photos, because the quality of the photos my Pro 100 produces is so superior.

My Favorite Waterproof Camera

I’ve had an older version of this camera for several years, then upgraded to this one.  It is waterproof to 50 feet (15 meters), shockproof to 7 feet (2.1 meters), crushproof to 220 pounds force, and freeze proof to 14 degrees F (-10C) – that means I can take it anywhere with no worries.  This is the camera I use for the water shots you see.  The camera is small enough to fit into a pocket.  It has a variety of pre-set picture modes including several for underwater, reflective water and selfies.  This is by far the most fun camera I have, because it is worry free.  Check out my page about waterproof cameras and photographing in water.