Free Classes in November

Hi!  Here’s a list of the free classes for November.  Want to learn more about color?  Interested in digital scrapbooking?  One of these free classes might just be what you need to expand your skills.

Free Classes in Color and Digital Scrapbooking

Here are some free classes offered at CreativeLive.

1. Color Fundamentals

Wednesday Nov 15th – Thursday Nov 16th 9:00am – 9:00am PST

This class will give you an overview of color principles and demonstrate how to apply them. Instructor Mary Jane Begin is an award-winning illustrator and author of children’s picture books, a Rhode Island School of Design graduate and professor in the Illustration Department.

In this class she covers:
  • The elements of color, including value, temperature, saturation, hierarchy, complements, light, harmony, and contrast
  • The use of color complements in image making
  • The relationship of color to the medium and expression
Through a series of demonstrations, you’ll learn how to work with color and ultimately make better color decisions. This class covers foundations that applies to all image making, in design, art, illustration, photography, and beyond.

You can register for this free class here.

2. Mixed Media for Digital Scrapbookers

Friday Nov 17th – Saturday Nov 18th 9:00am – 9:00am PST

Switching your medium from paper to pixels doesn’t mean you’re giving up the highly tactile, artsy, eclectic nature of scrapbooking. Bringing your scrapbooking into the digital age lends the artform even more versatility and vibrance than it already has. You can add personal objects to digital pages, and once you’ve digitized your objects, you can reuse or pull from finished pieces as often as you want. Save money, time and satisfy your drive to create unique art on digital platforms.

Join Tiffany Tillman-Emanuel for this intermediate-level class, and you’ll learn:

  • How to scan flat objects and photograph dimensional objects.
  • How to digitize objects to look their best.
  • How to digitally alter the objects so they stand out on a finished page.

Mixed media digital effects are difficult to create without a solid understanding of the hardware involved. Tiffany will teach you how to use a scanner and a camera, and how to make your objects stand out on a finished page by using a photo editor. Don’t be intimidated by new technology! Take your art into the digital space and discover new scrapbooking frontiers.

You can register for this free class here.

3. Compositing for Digital Scrapbookers

Sunday Nov 19th – Monday Nov 20th 9:00am – 9:00am PST

Scrapbooking is the experience of pulling together disparate elements of your life and creating stories that could never otherwise exist. And yet scrapbooking in the physical medium still limits your creative scope to what exists in the real world. Digital scrapbooking removes that barrier. By mastering the practice of compositing your personal photos, you can build fantastical, entirely impossible scenes around your favorite subject material.

Join Tiffany Tillman-Emanuel for this intermediate-level class, and you’ll learn:

  • How to develop and digitally sketch a theme for the page.
  • How to find and gather complementary photos for the fantasy theme.
  • How to use graphic design principles to improve the overall aesthetic of the final page.

Fantasy composites are difficult digital effects to create, and require the confident use of a photo editor. Tiffany will walk you through implementing the right kinds of blend modes and adjustment layers for different compositing results. You’ll learn her tips and techniques for creating quality selections and extractions, and applying them to your composited photos. Add new dimensions to your scrapbooking practice. Transform the things you love, and send them into worlds that exist only in your imagination.

You can register for this free class here.


A bit about CreativeLive

You can watch classes for free at CreativeLive in 2 ways:

  1. Watch the Live Broadcast – look at their schedule of live classes and watch it when it airs. You can find their current schedule of live classes here, then selecting Live. Also, in the list of all classes the live classes are denoted by a small Live in the top left corner. One of the great things about the live broadcast schedule is that you can click an RSVP button and you’ll be sent an email reminder. I just love their reminder service!
  2. Watch the Rebroadcast – look at their rebroadcast schedule to find out when you can watch a class you missed or want to see again is on the air for free. You can find their current schedule of rebroadcast classes here. Good news – Creative Live has added an RSVP option for the rebroadcast classes! If you have an account you can RSVP for the class and they will send you a reminder. How great is that!

Remember to click the “on air” button in the top menu to see a list of the classes you can watch for free. Then just click on the class you want to watch. The classes change at about 9 am pacific time, so visit CreativeLive then to get access to that day’s free broadcasts.

If you find a class you like, you can purchase it just prior or during a broadcast (live or rebroadcast) at a discount. You can then download the class and watch it any time you like. Or you can sign on to your account and stream it anytime.

Suggest you sign up for an account at CreativeLive that way you’ll get a notice when they add new classes to their schedule and use their RSVP reminder service. You can create a CreativeLive account here.

I have found CreativeLive to be a great resource for learning. Hope you will too!

Happy Scrapping!


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