Free Classes for Planners and Scrapbookers

Hi!  Want to start 2018 learning something new?  Here’s a list of online classes and when you can watch them for free.

Free Classes for January 2018

Here are some of the free classes offered at CreativeLive.

1. Hand Lettering 101

January 3rd – 4th 9:00am PST

Hand lettering is experiencing a resurgence. Get your complete introduction to the art form in Hand Lettering 101 with Annica Lydenberg.

Annica is a designer, illustrator, and sign painter with a passion for type. In this beginner-friendly class she’ll teach you how to letter by hand  – no software required.

Using pencil and paper, you’ll learn about the tools and techniques you need to know to add hand lettering to your toolkit and get expert insights on making beautiful type compositions.

You can register for this free class here.

2. 28 Days to Make or Break a Habit

January 6th – 7th 9:00am PST

Sometimes, we lapse into unproductive habits because we don’t know what else to do. That’s why we worked with some of the best creators we know to bring these 28 daily creative project ideas to your inbox so you can get back in the habit of making art.
You can register for this free class here.

3. Color for Designers: Exploration, Theory, & Application

January 7th – 8th 9:00am PST

Our response to color comes from the place in our brain where trust, loyalty, behavior, and decision occur – every successful project relies on a designer making smart choices about color.

In Color for Designers: Exploration, Theory, & Application, Richard Mehl will give you a foundational understanding of color theory principles and demonstrate how to apply them.

You can register for this free class here.

4. Color Fundamentals

January 10th – 11th 9:00am PST

This class will give you an overview of color principles and demonstrate how to apply them.

Through a series of demonstrations, you’ll learn how to work with color and ultimately make better color decisions. This class covers color theory foundations that applies to all image making, in design, art, illustration, photography, and beyond.
You can register for this free class here.

5. Exploring Color and Composition

January 30th 9:00am PST

Instructor Mary Jane will guide viewers through useful exercises and practices that help to solve both understanding the color they see and want to recreate, as well as exploring the art of inventing palettes that resonate with expression.

The course will be taught through showing concrete examples and a demonstration that deconstructs the “how to’s” for creating a palette that expresses a mood.

You can register for this free class here.

A bit about CreativeLive

You can watch classes for free at CreativeLive in 2 ways:

  1. Watch the Live Broadcast – these are classes taught live and being recorded for future broadcast.
  2. Watch the Rebroadcast – these are classes that have been recorded and are being rebroadcast.  They start broadcasting at 9am pacific time, then run continuously until 9 am the next day.

Remember to click the “on air” button in the top menu to see a list of the classes you can watch for free. Then just click on the class you want to watch. The classes change at about 9 am pacific time, so visit CreativeLive then to get access to that day’s free broadcasts.

If you find a class you like, you can purchase it just prior or during a broadcast (live or rebroadcast) at a discount. You can then download the class and watch it any time you like. Or you can sign on to your account and stream it anytime.

Suggest you sign up for an account at CreativeLive that way you’ll get a notice when they add new classes to their schedule and use their RSVP reminder service. You can create a CreativeLive account here.

I have found CreativeLive to be a great resource for learning. Hope you will too!

Happy Scrapping!


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