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Hi There!  Today I’m starting something new on my blog.  Once a month I’ll be taking about planners and planner supplies.  They are a natural extension of our love of paper, and a great place to use left over scrapbooking supplies.

Paper House Production Planner Supplies

Here are all the wonderful planner supplies I just received from Paper House Productions.  I have to say, I love them all!

Planner supplies

Did you notice I added some classic scrapbook supplies to my pile of planner supplies – the Southwest paper collection, and acetate sheet.  And yes, there are two planner in the stash, but more about why I have multiple planners in another post.

The Goodies

Here are the fun planner supplies that I’ll be using with my planner.

Rice Stickers

Love these new rice stickers!

Planner supplies

Rice stickers have a wonderful texture and look great with my planner.  The gold fold on white rice stickers coordinate with everything.  And the print ones are so fun.

Micro Stickers

Finally, the perfect size sticker to use in a planner.  Other stickers I’ve seen designed for planners are simply too large or have no detail at all.  These are just perfect – detailed and tiny!  Love em!

Planner supplies

Since it’s still summer, these flower stickers are just the thing to decorate with.   And the travel stickers will work perfectly for an upcoming trip.

Puffy Stickers

What a fun way to add a bit of dimension to my planner.

Planner suppliesThese are just the perfect thing to mark a special activity.

Epoxy Stickers

Shiny and fab, these will really add pizzazz to my planner.

Planner supplies

The perfect embellishment to highlight something special.


My fav!!!  I love me some clips and these are oh so cute!

Planner supplies

These clips are perfect to mark places in my planner.

2017-2018 Planner

Last, but not least in my list of planner supplies is a new 18 month planner.  For my scheduling planner I always select a dated one.  It’s difficult to plan future months without the dates, so this dated planner is ideal.

New Planner

I love this planner, because it is spiral bound, is dated, and has a laminated cover.  Plus it’s so pretty!  Since it’s an 18 month planner, I can start marking important dates and making plans for 2018 now.

The Cover

Love this bright, cheerful cover.

Planner supplies

Because I keep this planner in my kitchen, the laminated cover is perfect.  Quick easy wipe ups if needed.

July Dashboard

I start my planner year in August, so won’t be using July, but wanted to show it to you.

Planner supplies

Why do I start my planner year in August?  Because I left my day job on July 31, 2013.  August 1 is my day for new beginnings!

August Dashboard

Love the colors they chose for August.  I’m such a water person, and these are the colors of the lake!  And yes, we all need to remember to “Enjoy the Little Things.”

Planner supplies

The lined page on the left is a great place to jot down goals or special events.

Month at a Glance

Month at a glance

Here’s the month at a glace page.  I don’t currently use this page, however I’m thinking about using it in the future to track birthdays and important dates.

Before Decoration

Before the pen and decoration

Oh so pretty!  It really doesn’t need any further decoration, but I must add my own touch.

Before the Pen

Here it is.  The first decorated page in my new planner.

Before the Pen

In addition to tracking my to do list, I use this planner to track my diet.  So, the first thing I did was stamp my diet tracker in the bottom box of each day.  This planner has more decoration at the bottom than my last, so my hydration stamp might need to change.

Next, I added some box titles using the sticker sheet provided with the planner.  The check boxes are from that sheet too, as are the coffee cups and heart stickers.

After that, I added some washi from my stash.  After all, what is a planner page without washi!

Finally, I added some clusters of leaves and flowers from the micro sticker sheet.  What a pretty page to start my week with.

In addition to decorating this page, I added an epoxy coffee cup clip to mark the current page in my planner.

Now I’m all set to start my busy week.

Happy Planning!


Supplies Used

Below are the planner products I used on this before the pen spread.  To make them easy for you to find, I have linked each of the items below.  I personally selected all of the products used in this project.  All products, except the Paper House Productions products, were purchased by me.  As always, I am not receiving a payment for doing this project or writing these blog posts.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means that I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase by clicking on one of the affiliate links.  Thank you for supporting my blog at no cost to you.

My Scheduling Planner
Paper House Productions - Life Organized Collection - Planner - Make Every Day Great

Epoxy Clips

Paper House Productions - Life Organized Collection - Epoxy Clips - Coffee and Donuts

Rice Stickers
Paper House Productions - Life Organized Collection - Rice Paper Stickers - Borders - Everyday Moments

Rice Stickers
Paper House Productions - Life Organized Collection - Rice Paper Stickers - Borders - Cherished

Micro Stickers – Flowers
Paper House Productions - Life Organized Collection - Cardstock Stickers - Micro - Flowers with Foil Accents

Puffy Stickers – Family
Paper House Productions - Life Organized Collection - Puffy Stickers - Embrace Today with Foil Accents

Epoxy Stickers – Live Bold
Paper House Productions - Life Organized Collection - Epoxy Stickers - Live Bold with Foil Accents

Indian Ink Pen
Faber-Castell Mix and Match Collection Pitt Artist Pens Essential 4 Piece Set

Mechanical Pencil
Zebra Eco Jimnie Clip Mechanical Pencil

Prismacolor Magic Rub Eraser

Fiskars - Our Finest Scissors Collection - Number 5 Stitcher Scissors

Storage Container

Craft Mat
Ranger Ink - Inkssentials - Reusable Non Stick Craft Sheet - 15 inch by 18 inch

Paper Trimmer
Fiskars - 12 Inch Premium Cut-Line Portable Trimmer - Blade Style I

Paper Piercing Tool

Tonic Studios - Tim Holtz - Non-Stick Micro Serrated Scissors

Double Sided Tape
J and V Enterprises - Tacky Tear Tape - 1/4 Inch - 27 Yards

Scotch Adhesive Tacky Acid Free 4oz Bottle

Tim Holtz - Tools - Design Ruler

My Favorite Travel Camera

My Favorite Travel Lens

Favorite Printer

My Favorite Waterproof Camera



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